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Introducing me and Nonsense Thinking

Hi, This is I! I don’t know if I am the first person to innovate the concept of nonsense thinking, but I would be very happy if adjusted so. Some people are born thinkers, some are not. Most of the thinkers are intellectuals, a few like me are not. I just simply can’t think logical. But trust me , nonsense thinking is none the less interesting.

May be the worst possible way on the earth to kill time is to read my blogs. These blogs are purely for my friends and for those who want to be my friend. Nonsense thinking often carries the risk of offending someone. The intensions are diametrically opposite. My motive is to talk to my friends- friends with whom the most offend able joke can be shared without allowing that to run to the heart.

Last but not the least-Nonsense thinkers are always open to feedback-your reactions are highly appreciated.

So, here I welcome you to my world of nonsense thinking………………