Tuesday, March 13, 2007

How to handle your parents

Many of my friends have a common problem; their parents don’t understand them. The parents don’t try to see a matter from their (my friends’) perspective. They try to use authority and if that does not work...they apply the dangerous weapon of emotional blackmailing. In the process the whole scenario goes from bad to worse.

My say is that the entire problem arises due to our ignorance and lack of tact.
The solution to this problem is very simple. Expectations arise from previous results. A mother won’t expect her child to bring 95% in the next exams if he failed in the last standard. The same strategy applies. Here are a few examples...after this life becomes smooth and sweet making everybody happy.

1. Find out what kind of a girl your parents dislike most. Now spread a rumor that reaches the ears of your parents that you are deeply in relation with that kind of a girl. After that your parents will be happy with any other girl you marry.

2. Use a friend to let your parents know that you have turned alcoholic. They will definitely call you. Let your parents know that you have already become dependent on the liquid and then promise that you will try your best to come out of that. Couple of months later let your parents know that you have ALMOST quit. After that your parents will be very happy to know that you seldom booze.

3. Ask for money from your parents even though you are earning. Say that your earning is too less for the required expenditures. Lots of suggestions will come from their side. After a couple of months let them know that you have cut your expenses and then you can send some money home. Your parents will be more than happy.

Words of wisdom : You can only make a difference to the entire situation. There is no limit of expectation,you need to set the limit.

May be God wants me to smoke

For the last several weeks I have been trying really hard to quit smoking. But today I have realized that even God wants me to continue smoking.

1. I prayed to God every morning to get me a girlfriend who would ask me to quit.
God has not responded. I feel the message is: “Keep on Smoking”.

2. I promised to God that I would quit it from the next week Shahrukh Khan quits. Shahrukh failed. Again the message is: “It’s not the time to quit”.

3. I asked God to make the Prime Minister of India to see a dream that if he did not ban cigarettes in the country, something bad would happen to him. I think God has not done that yet.

4. To avoid the bed till late night is extremely difficult without cigarettes. So I requested God to do something so that The World Cup Cricket gets postponed (As we did that in our semester exams). God did not show interest.

So, the message from God is pretty clear. Bhagwaan...at least pehla wala request to sun lo:-)

(Apologize to God for such a bad joke…but I know…he won’t be offended…he is my best friend)