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Raksha Bandhan Special

That fat guy almost fainted.

Poor Raghu disappeared from the college for three days to avoid further humiliation.
And me ? Don’t ask yaar. It is still a nightmare...I disappeared at the speed of the sound when I could see the Archies product in her hand. Thank God, I had a powerful pair of eyes.

Aare....dil todne ka bhi to koi tareeka hona chahiye!!!

I strongly condemn this inhuman torture exercised by the fairer sex .

A very happy Raksha bandhan to all the AUTHENTIC bhaaiyas and behenas ;)

My childhood, my hometown

Like never before, when I have visited home this time after almost one and half years, the small and otherwise ignored objects have started disturbing me bringing back the old sweet fragrances of the golden childhood. My home, my small beautiful town, my old friends, my teachers ,the lake, the field, the pond, the hill ,the river...most of them have changed as I have...and some of them are lost forever... like my wonderful childhood.

This is the place where I have grown up, my sweet home. The garden is empty now because it is summer. But trust me, if you visit me in winter, you will be welcomed by the colors and aromas of dozens of beautiful flowers whose names are only known to my mom and sis. I bet, if you can walk by ignoring, you must be a devil ;)

Even in this summer, I could see this beauty eagerly waiting for me to ask about my girlfriends in Bangalore ;) can’t I capture you dear!!!

This is the veranda of my home...the place I preferred to my study room. Reading in ope…