Thursday, November 29, 2007

A movie: “Kasam , The Commitment”

Kasam khao aaj se roti nahi khaooge!
Kasam khao aaj se subeh uthke brush karoge !!
Kasam khao aaj se regular fit jeans he pehnoge !!!

"Kasam,The commitment" is a movie on transformation of a loser,indisciplined guy (Bholu)to a masterpiece by virtue of the innumerous kasams forced on him by his lover.

The movie moves with a fast pace to reach the climax.

The girlfriend throws another kasam onto him..."Aaj amavasya hain, aaj tum jhooth nahi bologe..tumhe meri kasam..”

Matter of coincidence, the same day Bholu gets call for the HR round of interview in a company where he had cleared the technical rounds the previous week.

Bholu reaches the office building; camera follows him to the meeting room...focuses on the HR sitting on the other side of the table examining his resume.

HR: Welcome Bholu! Please take your seat.

Bholu: Thank you maam!

HR: btw, I am Sheetal , assistant manager HR in the organization. Can you please start with something that you have not written in your resume.

Bholu: hmmm ... ( few seconds of silence)...actually though I have been working for last 2years , I am on bench for last 10 months .I am really frustrated of checking emails. I want to work for an organization that will give me work.

HR:( $#% What was that???) Okie.. okie..I can understand . But is that the only reason why you want to shift your job?

Bholu: Well...I think…sorry...I mean to say...when I say work , I also mean money. It is impossible to survive with dignity in Bangalore with the salary I get . My friends think that I am a kanjoos and when I disclosed my salary to my ex-girlfriend she dumped me. I want a respectable life. I have come to know that you pay well.

HR: (@#$$*, pinches herself to confirm reality)...r u ok Mr. Bholu ? Do you need some water?

Bholu: No its ok think I need some...thanks !

(Bholu takes some water from the glass)

HR: Ok...just feel comfortable. Just tell me ...something simple.. where do you see yourself in next five years?

Bholu:(Looks down to the table)...Emmm...honestly...maam...I will be happy to be anything that will enable me to own a 2BHK flat in Bangalore in next five years...roles and responsibilities don't matter much...I mean to say I am quite flexible..

(Camera focuses on the HR...unconsciously stands up from the chair...sits back again...takes a deep breath....anger on her face)

HR: Are you here to joke Mr. Bholu???

Bholu: No no maam…please don’t take me can I explain...I am under a kasam....

HR: WWWhattt???
( A longer breath this time)
Ok Mr Bholu, I think that was enough.I have already come to know lot about you,your strengths and the weaknesses.But befor leaving would you please let me know what is your greatest weakness...just for my curosity?

Bholu: (little embarrassed)Girls maam.


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Who am I?

My native state Assam is burning. A dozen people were killed day before yesterday .Curfew is not yet relaxed completely.Another bomb blast: 3 killed, 15 Injured. Sachin’s centuries are easier to calculate, not the number of bomb blasts and bandhs in one month in my state. Death of innocents is a staple diet in the front page of the local newspapers. Everybody is blaming the other, public blames administration, administration blames some X association and X blames some Y. You go round and round...reach the same point again. Politics,vote bank , corruption, social divide, insurgency , mainstream....Oh God…how many times the same words , the same stories...
Everyone has his own agenda. No body is responsible, only the other!!! None of us is wrong, only the other one is. We are born to show excuses, we can find justifications to whatever we do ...we can dig out causes stronger than some killings...GREAT!!!!

The politicians, the police, the public, me-everybody has his own agenda. We are here to think of self. Let the state go to hell, who cares!!! Let the people cry and die , who cares until they are not someone I know !Ask me- what am I doing here sitting in Bangalore??? Who am I? What sort of concern am I showing when I write all these? Hey!!! I have some hundred reasons to give job there, can’t change the system, who will ring the bell? , what can I do? ...bla bla bla....hundred reasons to convince only self everbody the politicians, the police ...everybody... I am no different...only another weak selfish person who only knows to concemn, to show excuses !!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Films, Barcamp ,Algorithms,Guitar and Life:

Am back with some more stuff in my bag :)

I always wanted to make a film. The dream came true in the 1.1 workshop of Filmcamp.
Conceive the idea , mess up with the team mates, script ,story board, shoot and edit in one day. It was an awakening experience. Now I feel it... I will make films. Short films to speak up my mind. An Indie film maker in the making...haha. If you want to waste some of your valuable time to watch the amateur product , here is the link.

Last Man Standing

However, I liked Chinmoy’s movie more ( Chinmoy is my cousin, obsessed film watcher and my partner in the film-analysis discussions over coffee).The link to his movie is here.

See you there

Barcamp 5 was cool. The design Fest was a good learning experience where my design was criticized left and right :( .Nice to see many known faces in Barcamp. Met couple of interesting minds and came across some nice thoughts in the IndieFilm Collective.Exercising my brain to come up with a script good enough to impress a seasoned guy I met in Barcamp ( Won’t disclose his name now...secret...hehe...he is my prospective producer)... Hope to start working on a project with him soon :)

Fighting hard to invert the graphs and to color alternate edges.Algo study is like a black hole : put more time to realize that so much effort was put only to play comfortably with jjjjust one data-structure....damn it!!!The experience is really worse when you see binary trees in your dreams.

Watched three good movies ( OSO not in this list plz...). Green Street Hooligans, Pulp Fiction & Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. I should have watched them much earlier...but no regrets...I am always late ;)

I had something , but never realized how precious they were-Two full length guitar instructional vedios : one of Petrucci and the other of Eric Johnson.So my black Gb&A acoustic is getting more of my time and my fingers are happy to break the inertia....not bad I suppose...hmmmm

My friend Narup is getting married .We’ll remember the evening in on-d-roxx for the occasion...It was different from the other hundred daru parties...

All the best wishes Narup. Wish u a great life ahead!