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When things start making sense

Doctor said,"It happens in life. People lose the nonsensical flair"

Until I am back to my nonsensical best again, the blog will remain in its current state.

See you again at the earliest.

Prevention better than cure

His mother asked my handsome guitarist friend, "What is your orkut id beta?"

His orkut account got deleted within 1 hour.

Dil Vil Pyar Vyar

When I pointed out the spelling error to the smartest auto-driver, he prompty replied, “No spelling error boss , my sweet heart is deprecated. Aajkaal asli pyar milta he kahaan hain ?"

Pal bhar ke liye koi pyaar kar le,jhootha he sahi ;)

[ photo courtesy : Yassar Bhaijaan's mobile ]

A somewhat techno blog

Finally have decided to do something in this line. The blog is more about the latest innovations in Google , Yahoo ( I am a crazy fan of these two guys) , startups and the Open Source Community in the field of web development with my personal opinion of like and dislike.

Please drop in if you have some spare time. Of course there is almost no content at this point of time , hope to update it seriously in the coming weeks ;)

The url is