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Finally have decided to do something in this line. The blog is more about the latest innovations in Google , Yahoo ( I am a crazy fan of these two guys) , startups and the Open Source Community in the field of web development with my personal opinion of like and dislike.

Please drop in if you have some spare time. Of course there is almost no content at this point of time , hope to update it seriously in the coming weeks ;)

The url is



shruti said…
Although this currently sounds like greek and latin to me but I too am a fan of the companies mentioned .. further I hope to expand my knowledge and horizons .. and as we know sky is the limit ...thanks for providing such deep knowledge to us underserving and totally ignorant souls ... we have been blessed..at last our prayers have been answered .. Hail Layon and his new blog !!
Sari said…
Da...April chala gaya .. ye Sep hai ..pls 4god sake do continue writing all the nonsense ..atleast for all disturbed, mentaly chalenged blogger souls .
Arunima said…
technology and me do not go together. I'll be happier here. :-)

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