I am lost and found

He told ,
I was lost and found in a pub.
Someone in the pub said,
‘Here he is
lost and found
in a city of bricks and wheels’.
Mom believes,
I was lost and found in the temple.
I claim,
I was lost
In the tinted glass of the closed window.

Nobody believes me.

Just now I got the news
I am lost to be found again.


manuscrypts said…
i now tend to agree with the blog title :p
shruti said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
shruti said…
Those that love you will always be around .
lemme guess.... u r again in a pub
Layon said…
@manu :)
@shruti- thanks
@sudarshan - nope ;)
Jone said…
wow...such high experience in hide & seek...u could be the new superstar..of "Hide & Seek " ..biscuit ads....
Pallavi said…
its good to be lost for sometime..
Sari said…
hmm so v hav to continue writeon comments until v find ur new post.. ...gudda way
Arunima said…
:-) at Manuscrypts

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