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Love bite

She is absconding after taking away my one night’s sleep. I can hardly remember her face; it was pretty dark inside the room.

She was anonymous. I could not ask for her identity, she did not carry one.

She bared it all while she entered my bed room. Before I could understand anything, she got underneath my blanket. In no time she injected her poisonous love bite into my veins.

After three days, today I have been detected of malaria.

(Note: Guys, don’t worry, I am all right, this is completely made up)

So close , yet so far!

Somehow he had come to know about her name. May be from a post misdelivered.

He searched her in orkut , nope, not there!
Facebook , alas , not again!
In her company community, no nobody could find details till her cell number :(
In google with all strange searches..'blue eyes','sharp nose','bangalore beauty','XXX Software Services'...disappointment!

He just wants to say ‘Hi’.

She stays next door,
With her angry fat big brother,
Who hates him
more than the wild doberman of the owner.

So close , yet so far!


Sometimes things can be too complicated being too simple.
Like what I have been facing now a days, confused about

Whether I want change
Or I want to change!

the journey of love

Parting from “Nothing else matters”

getting arrested at several stops of “Everything else matters”

and finally getting nailed down to “Perhaps something else matters!”

Maybe, this is what we call

“the journey of love”


I need another astrologer to confirm. Actually I want to consult something about the future of my doggie and am damn tensed and serious about this. He has always been bashful, particularly in front of ‘lovely’, the bitch next door. He is a Piscean, hence I considered it to be pretty normal. But now I suspect otherwise.

Last friday I happened to meet one expert of the field with fifteen years experience. He has recently joined a software company as “Manager-Attrition control” .He looks into the employee’s kundli and provides the HR guys a statistical probability report of his desire and possibility of leaving the organization.

I showed him mine.

He says that my dog must be gay!

Traffic Signal

He was absorbed in curves of the woman, stripped to half, curled up the sofa, enticing a hundred like him waiting for the signal to turn green- in the hoarding just across the fly over. Suddenly, could realise the exponential rise of decibel level of honking behind him, jumped on the race. His horny vehicle rubbed against someone’s wife’s car.

He lost thousand bucks.

Half a thousand to the lady in the car , rest for the familiar face in white dress , always praying for someone , sometime to lose control.