Monday, May 28, 2007


Over the last couple of weeks I have been having my dinner in one of my friend's place who stays not more than 200 yards away from my house. The reasons behind this are:

a. He is an amazingly good cook (I call him a perfect husband material)
b. Does not emphasize on someone assisting him to prepare the dishes.
c. His girlfriend has gone home and the father of the lady is a dictating major…hence no disturbance over phone. And
d. This guy has a pair of bean bags which I consider 60 percent better than my bed for the support of the back to operate the remote.

So, need not to explain that I have to walk back to my home at around 2 o' clock every night. And that is where the problem lies...

I think that he is the DALPATI of the entire FAUJ...and even if I can cross a few of the coward one’s barking...this brave fellow will charge at me at the speed of light...until I demonstrate him a typical Jackie Chan stunt and finally end up looking at each other’s eyes from a distance of two feet with ample respect for courage of the other. Now I really don’t understand how to convince this guy that only thieves don’t walk on the roads at 2AM in Bangalore...there are hundreds of BPO employees and a few whose friends are good cooks.

Finding no other option out to make this fellow understand ( I am quite bad at learning new languages...and learning the dog’s one is near to impossible), last Friday I decided to take a little risk to walk down to this guy and offer the hands of friendship. Though I also had the idea of offering him half quarter from the bottle of the Blender’s Pride we were consuming, my friend warned me not to do that as the DALPATI might not really like the idea. So with four big pieces of Kebab, I went to the streetlight (wanted to ensure that he could identify my face properly in clear light and my fifty rupees did not go waste) and waited for the gang. In no time they appeared and offering a SRK smile to the DALPATI I placed the bag there and kept on walking towards my home. He looked at me, nodded his head and chased towards the bag. I hope that was not a bad sign.

In the last two days, we had our dinner outside….so did not have to walk down my friend’s gully. Today the result is going to be declared; at 2 AM sharp...Hope DALPATI has accepted my friendship. Amen!!!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Pattern and Anti-pattern: ways of life

Life follows a pattern, a pattern from the set of a few trialed and tested patterns. We go to school, then to the college, get a degree , grab a job , get married , have kids and.... This was the pattern that I could see around in the lives of my parents, uncles and my cousins growing up with me. Following a pattern makes life simpler and easier whereas anti- patterns are interesting but challenging and sometimes painful.

My first introduction to anti-pattern was in the 2nd standard when fascinated by the pattern of the stories from my colorful storybook I started my first essay on “The Cow” as “ Once upon a time there was a cow...”. The big red cross decorated with a large potato on the first page of my essay note book made me realize one very important thing in life - Everything should not start with once upon a time ....

“The people who exercise derivatives of anti patterns are interesting”. This was the next impression that I had when I had grown up to around twelve-the guys who occupied the last bench were interesting, guys with scars on their faces out of fights were more interesting and the guy who was called to the teachers' common room for punishment for sending love letter to the daughter of the class teacher was even more interesting. They were popular and had more admirers than the toppers of the class. They had more stories to tell about their heroics, their anti-pattern behavior.

Fascination for anti- pattern became more dominant and drawing a boundary of pattern I started the out of pattern experiments. Upbeat and RSJ s replaced the IIT-JEE guides, cricket matches replaced boring chemistry classes and mom’s evening horlicks were replaced by Wills Navy cut. Life became more interesting and the scorecards less impressive. Still there was a line of pattern drawn outside all these activities and I somehow managed to get into an engineering college. I was more than happy to get a laboratory for my experiments: The hostel. It started showing results and I started to struggle like a new Indian opening batsman in Australian pitches in the question papers where muggers were happily scoring 80% by just galloping the class notes from one end to the other. Finally got the ultimatum-father threatened to withdraw his unconditional support from the government that I had been running for the last about half a decade.
Back to the pattern: replaced the Neruda’s and the Mayakovosky’s with the big volumes of Control System and Power System books, supplanted Che Guevara’s wall poster by power electronics circuit diagrams and preparation for the viva and presentation superseded the discussion on the latest theatres. I became active in a pattern in no time…patterns are so easy to adapt.

Anti–pattern activities start to the take back seat with growing age making life simpler and less interesting . Lately I have observed that my life is leading towards a similar structure with a fear to play with the anti-patterns....may be due to the concern of losing the gained or for increasing responsibilities for the loved ones. I need to strike a balance somewhere...trying to discover a strategy to embed the lost charms of life....somehow need to get the tasty sandwich of life back -with anti -patterns inside patterns.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Love at first event

As you guys are aware of , love has been my subject of research since the age of three. But it took me a long time to realize this truth about the subject . This new theory states that "Love at first sight is only a subset of other several forms forms of love at first event" - five of them I have experienced in my life.

Type1--> Love at first rumor: I fell in love with all the 3 beauties my friends used to tease me with in my school days.... never noticed any one of them before eyes searched for them every moment for next one month after the rumor reached my ears for the first time that the other party is interested ....unluckily though might be the reality was different :-((

Type2--> Love at first chat: Till today I have felt it thrice that I should have better asked for her contact number....a confectionery vocal over telephone ....who happens to be a customer care executive whom I talked to for the very first and last honeyed a voice can be!

Type3--> Love at first aroma: It happened to me twice. The stunner passed by me and disappeared.... I could not even see her face to remember....only the fragrance of some exotic perfume made me remember of her for months...hmmm....still recollect.

Type 4--> Love at first smile: I saw her not less than 50 times prior to the day she smiled at me and I was knocked out. She looked an absolute smasher with the sweetheart smile...I am vulnerable to that...

Type 5--> Love at first scrap: I was flattered and my heart was all praise for a beautiful lady with intelligence. Beauty with no nows never took her a scrap in orkut to exhibit her brightness. ( Kuch jyada to nahi ho gaya na )

This list excludes all the other possible types of (more interesting) love at first events which unfortunately I have not encountered in my love at first kiss , love at first hug or love at first dance :)

[n.b. The type of love discussed here is strictly of the masala Bollywood movie type]