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Love at first event

As you guys are aware of , love has been my subject of research since the age of three. But it took me a long time to realize this truth about the subject . This new theory states that "Love at first sight is only a subset of other several forms forms of love at first event" - five of them I have experienced in my life.

Type1--> Love at first rumor: I fell in love with all the 3 beauties my friends used to tease me with in my school days.... never noticed any one of them before eyes searched for them every moment for next one month after the rumor reached my ears for the first time that the other party is interested ....unluckily though might be the reality was different :-((

Type2--> Love at first chat: Till today I have felt it thrice that I should have better asked for her contact number....a confectionery vocal over telephone ....who happens to be a customer care executive whom I talked to for the very first and last honeyed a voice can be!

Type3--> Love at first aroma: It happened to me twice. The stunner passed by me and disappeared.... I could not even see her face to remember....only the fragrance of some exotic perfume made me remember of her for months...hmmm....still recollect.

Type 4--> Love at first smile: I saw her not less than 50 times prior to the day she smiled at me and I was knocked out. She looked an absolute smasher with the sweetheart smile...I am vulnerable to that...

Type 5--> Love at first scrap: I was flattered and my heart was all praise for a beautiful lady with intelligence. Beauty with no nows never took her a scrap in orkut to exhibit her brightness. ( Kuch jyada to nahi ho gaya na )

This list excludes all the other possible types of (more interesting) love at first events which unfortunately I have not encountered in my love at first kiss , love at first hug or love at first dance :)

[n.b. The type of love discussed here is strictly of the masala Bollywood movie type]


Himanshu said…
Love at first hug. Now that should certainly be in your list. ain't it? Remember i was watching every step at reading. :D

Delete kar dena agar jyada ho gaya to. :)

shruti said…
Interesting insights into love...ther is one first that I believe in ..Love at first connect ( at the soul level ) . Love at first dance comes in a close second .
manuscrypts said…
touch, smell, sight, sound, er taste.... hehe... the five senses, think you already covered a couple :)
sarita said…
i think shruti is right @Love at first connect. u just need secnds (mnths/yrs) n u know u cnnct
Cnt agree to others, hav to accept this and u know why ;))
in b/w LAGE RAHO

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