Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Djokovics I know

French Open 2012
4th Round Match. Novak Djokovic is two sets down against Seppi , but hardly any sign of stress could be seen in his face.  The almost invincible challenge brings out the best in a fighter , every time , like a lion waken up from slumber. He  had done it several times earlier, like any other fighting legend , rising from the ashes , returning from the abyss , again and again . Seppi hardly got a chance in the next three sets to close the match that looked so much of him , just remained a spectator of the greatness of a fighter , risen to the best to come back as strong as one could imagine.

Quarter Final . Djokovic against Tsonga. Tsonga two sets up against Novak and the fourth set into the tie breaks , an all time great match in the waiting. Novak denied Tsonga four match points to clinch away the Set. Tsonga could hardly believe it . It was as much a mental game as the techniques and power, and Novak overpowered the opponent denying a victory that looked so obvious. Tsonga could hardly put up a fight in the last set and it was an easy take away  for Djokovic.

There are these people I know , the Djokovics of real lives , the fighters of the real lives , the champions , the winners , the legends of  lives. If someone has denied life threatening diseases to rise to glory , the other has thwarted   destiny’s cruel game to see one struggling put against domestic violence , sexual abuse or loss of the near and dear ones to live life to the fullest , giving back to this world , inspiring the needy every bit to fight back , smile and win. They are the ones we look upto , get inspired when down . Like the Djokovics , they come up to the best to live life ,  the challenge brings out the best in them.
To all the Djokovics of real lives , salute to all of you , you are my heroes ! Glorious are your lives! 

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Love bite

She is absconding after taking away my one night’s sleep. I can hardly remember her face; it was pretty dark inside the room.

She was anonymous. I could not ask for her identity, she did not carry one.

She bared it all while she entered my bed room. Before I could understand anything, she got underneath my blanket. In no time she injected her poisonous love bite into my veins.

After three days, today I have been detected of malaria.

(Note: Guys, don’t worry, I am all right, this is completely made up)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

So close , yet so far!

Somehow he had come to know about her name. May be from a post misdelivered.

He searched her in orkut , nope, not there!
Facebook , alas , not again!
In her company community, no nobody could find details till her cell number :(
In google with all strange searches..'blue eyes','sharp nose','bangalore beauty','XXX Software Services'...disappointment!

He just wants to say ‘Hi’.

She stays next door,
With her angry fat big brother,
Who hates him
more than the wild doberman of the owner.

So close , yet so far!


Sometimes things can be too complicated being too simple.
Like what I have been facing now a days, confused about

Whether I want change
Or I want to change!