The Djokovics I know

French Open 2012
match of round 4 . Novak Djokovic is two sets down against Seppi , but hardly any sign of stress could be seen on his face.  The almost invincible challenge brings out the best in a fighter , every time , like a lion waken up from slumber. He  had done it several times earlier, like any other fighting legend , rising from the ashes , returning from the abyss , again and again . Seppi hardly got a chance in the next three sets to close the match that looked so much of him , just remained a spectator of the greatness of a fighter , risen to the best to come back as strong as one could imagine.

Quarter Final . Djokovic against Tsonga. Tsonga two sets up against Novak and the fourth set into the tie breaks , an all time great match in the waiting. Novak denied Tsonga four match points to clinch away the Set. Tsonga could hardly believe it . It was as much a mental game as of the techniques and power, and Novak overpowered the opponent denying a victory that looked so obvious. Tsonga could hardly put up a fight in the last set and it was an easy take away  for Djokovic.

There are these people I know , the Djokovics of real lives , the fighters of the real lives , the champions , the winners , the legends of  lives. If someone has denied life threatening diseases to rise to glory , the other has thwarted   destiny’s cruel game to see one struggling put against domestic violence , sexual abuse or loss of the near and dear ones to live life to the fullest , giving back to this world , inspiring the needy every bit to fight back , smile and win. They are the ones we look upto , get inspired when down . Like the Djokovics , they come up to the best to live life ,  the challenge brings out the best in them.
To all the Djokovics of real lives , salute to all of you , you are my heroes ! Glorious are your lives! 


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