I need another astrologer to confirm. Actually I want to consult something about the future of my doggie and am damn tensed and serious about this. He has always been bashful, particularly in front of ‘lovely’, the bitch next door. He is a Piscean, hence I considered it to be pretty normal. But now I suspect otherwise.

Last friday I happened to meet one expert of the field with fifteen years experience. He has recently joined a software company as “Manager-Attrition control” .He looks into the employee’s kundli and provides the HR guys a statistical probability report of his desire and possibility of leaving the organization.

I showed him mine.

He says that my dog must be gay!


manuscrypts said…
hey, loooong time :)
nice stuff, i say :)
Layon said…
@ manu : Thanks man! comeback effort of a retired batsman :)
Himanshu said…
i was wondering where has all the creativity gone since so long. Good that you managed to get this thing alive again. Good one.

Arunima said…
why? is your dog behind you all the time these days? :-)
bitz said…
he must be just be a "social" animal... or in the extreme could be bisexual...in any case let him live his life! :)

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