Who am I?

My native state Assam is burning. A dozen people were killed day before yesterday .Curfew is not yet relaxed completely.Another bomb blast: 3 killed, 15 Injured. Sachin’s centuries are easier to calculate, not the number of bomb blasts and bandhs in one month in my state. Death of innocents is a staple diet in the front page of the local newspapers. Everybody is blaming the other, public blames administration, administration blames some X association and X blames some Y. You go round and round...reach the same point again. Politics,vote bank , corruption, social divide, insurgency , mainstream....Oh God…how many times the same words , the same stories...
Everyone has his own agenda. No body is responsible, only the other!!! None of us is wrong, only the other one is. We are born to show excuses, we can find justifications to whatever we do ...we can dig out causes stronger than some killings...GREAT!!!!

The politicians, the police, the public, me-everybody has his own agenda. We are here to think of self. Let the state go to hell, who cares!!! Let the people cry and die , who cares until they are not someone I know !Ask me- what am I doing here sitting in Bangalore??? Who am I? What sort of concern am I showing when I write all these? Hey!!! I have some hundred reasons to give you...no job there, can’t change the system, who will ring the bell? , what can I do? ...bla bla bla....hundred reasons to convince only self ...like everbody else...like the politicians, the police ...everybody... I am no different...only another weak selfish person who only knows to concemn, to show excuses !!!


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