A movie: “Kasam , The Commitment”

Kasam khao aaj se roti nahi khaooge!
Kasam khao aaj se subeh uthke brush karoge !!
Kasam khao aaj se regular fit jeans he pehnoge !!!

"Kasam,The commitment" is a movie on transformation of a loser,indisciplined guy (Bholu)to a masterpiece by virtue of the innumerous kasams forced on him by his lover.

The movie moves with a fast pace to reach the climax.

The girlfriend throws another kasam onto him..."Aaj amavasya hain, aaj tum jhooth nahi bologe..tumhe meri kasam..”

Matter of coincidence, the same day Bholu gets call for the HR round of interview in a company where he had cleared the technical rounds the previous week.

Bholu reaches the office building; camera follows him to the meeting room...focuses on the HR sitting on the other side of the table examining his resume.

HR: Welcome Bholu! Please take your seat.

Bholu: Thank you maam!

HR: btw, I am Sheetal , assistant manager HR in the organization. Can you please start with something that you have not written in your resume.

Bholu: hmmm ... ( few seconds of silence)...actually though I have been working for last 2years , I am on bench for last 10 months .I am really frustrated of checking emails. I want to work for an organization that will give me work.

HR:( $#% What was that???) Okie.. okie..I can understand . But is that the only reason why you want to shift your job?

Bholu: Well...I think…sorry...I mean to say...when I say work , I also mean money. It is impossible to survive with dignity in Bangalore with the salary I get . My friends think that I am a kanjoos and when I disclosed my salary to my ex-girlfriend she dumped me. I want a respectable life. I have come to know that you pay well.

HR: (@#$$*, pinches herself to confirm reality)...r u ok Mr. Bholu ? Do you need some water?

Bholu: No its ok maam..no..I think I need some...thanks !

(Bholu takes some water from the glass)

HR: Ok...just feel comfortable. Just tell me ...something simple.. where do you see yourself in next five years?

Bholu:(Looks down to the table)...Emmm...honestly...maam...I will be happy to be anything that will enable me to own a 2BHK flat in Bangalore in next five years...roles and responsibilities don't matter much...I mean to say I am quite flexible..

(Camera focuses on the HR...unconsciously stands up from the chair...sits back again...takes a deep breath....anger on her face)

HR: Are you here to joke Mr. Bholu???

Bholu: No no maam…please don’t take me wrong...how can I explain...I am under a kasam....

HR: WWWhattt???
( A longer breath this time)
Ok Mr Bholu, I think that was enough.I have already come to know lot about you,your strengths and the weaknesses.But befor leaving would you please let me know what is your greatest weakness...just for my curosity?

Bholu: (little embarrassed)Girls maam.



Sari said…
maan gaye boss .. wah wah .. bus ek baat .. that boy can never be a loser .. common yaar uskey paas Giralfrnd hai ..
shruti said…
Please dont make a movie ..otherwise bollywood will subject tis audience and their kids to u knw what for a next few decades ...sorry centuries ...
KP said…
lol.....bechara bholu....gf to gayi lekin job bhi gayi.....i guess this what u get for telling truth....sachaai ka zamana nahi raha........:)
Himanshu said…
'Kasam' se maja aa gaya. :D
Anonymous said…
i thought it was quite funny :-)
Born Too Soon said…
Funny but nothing can beat GUNDA :P

The best movie ever made.

p.s did you contribute to the script of that movie by any chance?

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