Films, Barcamp ,Algorithms,Guitar and Life:

Am back with some more stuff in my bag :)

I always wanted to make a film. The dream came true in the 1.1 workshop of Filmcamp.
Conceive the idea , mess up with the team mates, script ,story board, shoot and edit in one day. It was an awakening experience. Now I feel it... I will make films. Short films to speak up my mind. An Indie film maker in the making...haha. If you want to waste some of your valuable time to watch the amateur product , here is the link.

Last Man Standing

However, I liked Chinmoy’s movie more ( Chinmoy is my cousin, obsessed film watcher and my partner in the film-analysis discussions over coffee).The link to his movie is here.

See you there

Barcamp 5 was cool. The design Fest was a good learning experience where my design was criticized left and right :( .Nice to see many known faces in Barcamp. Met couple of interesting minds and came across some nice thoughts in the IndieFilm Collective.Exercising my brain to come up with a script good enough to impress a seasoned guy I met in Barcamp ( Won’t disclose his name now...secret...hehe...he is my prospective producer)... Hope to start working on a project with him soon :)

Fighting hard to invert the graphs and to color alternate edges.Algo study is like a black hole : put more time to realize that so much effort was put only to play comfortably with jjjjust one data-structure....damn it!!!The experience is really worse when you see binary trees in your dreams.

Watched three good movies ( OSO not in this list plz...). Green Street Hooligans, Pulp Fiction & Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. I should have watched them much earlier...but no regrets...I am always late ;)

I had something , but never realized how precious they were-Two full length guitar instructional vedios : one of Petrucci and the other of Eric Johnson.So my black Gb&A acoustic is getting more of my time and my fingers are happy to break the inertia....not bad I suppose...hmmmm

My friend Narup is getting married .We’ll remember the evening in on-d-roxx for the occasion...It was different from the other hundred daru parties...

All the best wishes Narup. Wish u a great life ahead!


manuscrypts said…
where do i come for the screen test ? ;)
Layon said…
@manu : hehe...u are already selected for the role of the hero ;)Hope bhabiji won't have objections ( Some sizzling scenes may be there in the script ) ;)

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