No Talk

“Why did you chop your hair?” She asked
“Because I had that” I replied.

She has not spoken after that. She did not like,either the hair-cut or the reason.


manuscrypts said…
hmm, a hairy tale ending ;)
zypsy said…
have always wanted to keep my hair long enough for a ponytail but the day it touches my shirt collar, i always have it chopped.

now, i'm thinking of keeping it long only after i retire and that's centuries away :-)
Layon said…
@manu : he he , almost correct!
@zypsy : try once,trust me..a good experience
JONE said… was first sign of love must be otherwise why would she ask better have another hair cut
..reply the same..if she keeps quite...then she does not love u.. .... march 2 next lady..without delay..
sarita said…
@ALL ..there u cn nvr read gals mind..
its very simple she expected u to say the following
"i cut it bcz i thought u wil like it"
" i cut it to match urs damn beauty" (wahwah)
" i cut it bcz nw i m taking my life seriously .. thnking of to b decent enough though i m still .. did u liked it??!! "

" few days back one of my frnd tld me dat i wil luk better errr smart err{ (i jst dnt know many..u c) } with a hair cut, so i did and i guess she ws right.. wat u say" JUST WATCH THE EXPRESSION STRAIGHT ON HER FACE.
there are more but lets cut it .. class is over..

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