The song story

Last Monday on Bhabiji’s b’day ,when I visited my "for two years happily married" bhaiiya , I found him listening to a Don William's track sitting on the sofa , stretching his legs onto the table , eyes closed and holding a smile in his lips.

"Where is Bhabi ? " – I asked
" He He ...the song is the story mere bhai .... This is the third time ...he he "Bhaiya found it pretty amusing.

The story goes like this :

5 pm: ( Bhabiji)
She packed up her suitcase and walked to the door
She said she won't come like she's done before

5.30 pm ( Bhaiiya)
I bet she's in Dallas (take it as Whitefield) before it gets dark
I know she's thinking she's breaking my heart
She knows I love her so she thinks I'll crawl
But she never knew me, she never knew me, she never knew me at all

7.30 pm ( Bhaiya to me )
She knows I love her, I know I need her
God knows to please her, I've tried and I've tried

Yesterday night when I called up bhaiya, he was cooking maggi ;)

( Courtesy : Don Williams...I simply love him)


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