Problem Solving Technique

The proven four step process of solving any problem-mental,physical,psychological,technical,mathematical...whatever

1. Decide the keywords of your problem.
2. Go to, put the keywords in the text field and hit enter.
3. The page will come up with 100 experts trying to help you out.
4. Take help from them and solve it!!!!!

For the 10% of the problems that can't be resolved with this technique-aapko Khuda bachaye. And if you cannot solve it with the help of all the experts-again aapko Khuda bachaye.


Sari said…
u realy tried dat one .. hmmmmm

for the remaining 10% ... main hun na .. da ... da
manuscrypts said…
how much are they paying you? huh? huh? :D
zypsy said…
on a sabbatical??

guess, everyone's busy these days:-))

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