Name of my next film

Two things I really don't like about the names of the films.

1.People shorten the names of the films. If they have to be shortened, why the hell were they given the full names?

Kuch kuch hota hain : KKHH

Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham : KKKG

Kal Ho na Ho : KHNH

Can you pronounce those abbreviations? What rubbish is this? Nope..Not acceptable at all !!!

2. Nothing is clear from the name , audience is misled.

Kuch kuch hota hain: kya hota hain be?

Kabhi alvida na kehna: How impractical!!!Jindegi bhar ek dusre ka thopda dekhte raheen kya??? Jane de bhai...

Kal ho na ho: To main kya karoon?

But I won’t allow this to happen to my next film.I won’t allow anyone to abbreviate the name.And the name will be self explanatory , it won’t mislead the audience.
So I have decided the name of the film. It is:

“ After lots of calculation and deep realization now I have come to the conclusion that the Indian matriculation examination is nothing but a botheration for the Indian nation where main occupation is cultivation”.

Hope to make it to Cannes next year.


shruti said…
u have competition ...even though u have had a head start
durkhaima said…
very valid points.. I'm sick on the abbreviations.. waiting for you or shruti to bring cooler names to the table...
KP said… ususal humerous....:) if i ever make movie might ask for consultation...:)
Sari said…
... wil make upto nomination .. and wil get its recognition .. wah wah celebrations ..
Pallavi said…
hahaha... well at least its a name.. :)
Wow! What a name?! Phew! I hope when it makes to the Cannes Festival, the audience can memorize and remember the whole thing. BTW, check out the list of movies I hv watched in 2007, in my blog. I hv written the full names coz even I hate those shortened abbreviations....

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