Five easy tips to be the talk of the town

Being popular is a lengthy process.Atleast when I go through the advices given in the so called great books, I really think so. They talk about all the boring things like hard work, motivation, bla bla...

So here I have come out with five wonderful ideas to be instantly the talk of the town. None of them is lengthy, the only thing that you need is a pocketful of guts.

1.Go morning walk with your pet pig. Hold the pig with an iron chain. Take special care that your pet doesn’t get hurt as you may have to drag it on certain occasions.

2.Go to a cheap designer to modify your pressure cooker to a cycle helmet. Use it excessively while you ride your bicycle.

3.Buy a personal auto rickshaw instead of a car. Decorate it with all the buoyant colors. Dress smartly to drive it. Don’t forget to write distinctly on the back of the auto: “FREE LIFT FOR SINGLE BEAUTIES”.

4.Change your wardrobe to have at least 3 sets of red shirts, yellow ties and green trowsers.Wear those regularly for at least two weeks on the road until people start recognizing you.

Now, this is the most glorious idea…

5.Buy a pair of wicket keeping pads. Wear those on top of your trousers while riding your bike .Don’t forget to write on top of them…..“Insured for $100000”… INSTANT SUCCESS…………..
(Note: The writer does not take any responsibility of any circumstances that arise while executing the above ideas or after that).


bitasta said…
Why is being popular so important after all?
Being popular is very important to be popular :-)
bitasta said…
think be popular isnt quite the way to go..
bitasta said…
of course its nonsense thinking but it need to attain the goal..these ways will land one in soup...dont know about popularity but it surely assures unpopularity.
sarita said…
well ..every bdy wnts to get any no issuess on the topic..
and yes thanks for the tips...keep addin on more dear..

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