The Living Legends of Nonsense Thinking: Gang of Five

The real object behind the concept of Nonsense Thinking is not new. A few relatively unknown thinkers practiced it excessively in the last decade when I had the opportunity to meet them. But due to their urge to remain under profiled, the concept remained unknown. But today, when I have decided to take the pain to carry the idea to the public, I sincerely need the helping hands and blessings of these great minds. Many things that I am going to write are outcome of some mind boggling high level discussions with these legends at some point of time.

The Gang of five Great nonsense thinkers:

Mr. Chandan Sarma (Don’t know where has he disappeared)
Mr. Pranjal Gogoi
Mr. Santanu Bhattacharjee( Heard that he has returned to mainstream leaving nonsense thinking)
Mr. Mozahidur Abedin AND
The Great Mr. Riki Mudoi…………………………….

Guys , I need your help to make the ‘Nonsense Thinking’ revolution a reality…….


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