You need to have girlfriends to get married arranged

“If you don’t have a girlfriend, arranged marriage can be a real tough bet for you”. The statement is not that simple as you guys are probably thinking. Not having a girlfriend inevitably means that now you have only one alternative: arranged marriage.

Now, this really happened to one of my friends couple of months ago. During the interview process of his marriage, my friend most honestly disclosed that he never had a girlfriend which made the entire family of the ‘would be bride’ turn extremely suspicious. The impression was: “This guy is hiding his innumerous affairs”. At the sole interest of the bride, her father hired a private detective (the Mama of the girl who happens to stay in Bangalore) to investigate. But after a month when the detective produced his report, the marriage was immediately cancelled from the bride’s side.

The conclusions drawn were:

Either my friend had serious shortcomings ( physical or mental) OR
Might be a gay.

The girl turned my friend down saying that it was a matter of prestige for her than anything else to marry a guy who could never manage to have a girlfriend. How would she be able to tolerate the insult when showing the hottest lash around, her friend would say: “Look at her…the hot babe…she is my hubby’s ex-girlfriend”.

Gone away those days when girls used to search guys like …..!!! Friends, if you still don’t have a girlfriend….manage at least to have some good friends who are girls. You may have to ask them to pretend to be your ex girlfriends to your would be wife…a small lie from their side may win you the deal. After all, a friend in need is a friend indeed.


sarita said…
ha ha ha ...i truely agree with U..
but just think the other way a round...gals giving away the list of boys (nt to forget ...with there biodata and pictures)...whom she thought wer actualy gud..but sum hw ddnt wrked out..
in details..can further categorised by City (as to tel far she ws famous) and then there qualification ex: IITians,docs, MBA's..( as to let him know her class)...
And finaly with the remarks..against each ex: money they spent on her..

Then both bride and groom will compare there lists before goin on for MATCHing KUNDLIs...

this wat u say....Equally balanced..COUPLE

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