Please lift the helmet rule on 14th Feb

Recently, wearing helmets has been made compulsory in Bangalore. Many people really don’t like the idea because they think that it is their right to do whatever they want with their own heads. SUPERB ARGUMENT…But the aspect of the rule that has really disappointed me is something else. I have started to look upon the helmet as an unaesthetic burden and an enemy of love.


1. This ugly round tin has taken away all the charm of a tight -lift-romantic ride. Now you need to have a microphone inside your helmet to talk to your girlfriend sitting behind you. Moreover, the possibility of experiencing the warmth and smoothness of her cheeks (while she tries to listen to your intentionally lowly uttered words) has come down to 0%-The half kilo bucket is in the middle now.

2. Think of the annoying, lazy, dusty, smoky, noisy traffic jams while going to the office. The only way to keep you motivated and to preserve the patience and energy for the works in the office (as per my understanding) is to look at the beautiful faces around. Now all the beautiful faces are inside some ugly round objects.

3. Remember: while going shopping, you normally used the second hand (of course the first one was busy carrying all the stuff that the lady had bought) to hold a soft hand walking by your side. Now you are holding a damm…HELMET.

4.Think of the most romantic(Expensive) candle light dinner with the most beautiful lady( Ehem…Ehem…)….and the ugly black bucket with 100 scratches occupying one third of the table…sucks….

With all the above arguments, I would like to request the concerned authority to lift the rule at least for the Valentine's Day.
(Despite all the above annoyance, I would like to thank the new rule for saving many lives on the streets…KUDOS.....).


Himanshu said…
Dude, I guess you have already given the solution to this problem. Buy a Auto Rickshaw. And last but not the least don't forget the directions straight[a], left[a]............

angshumala said…
Hi gurujee, thought wise .. it is a great and ofcourse a new one! Trust me , in my life i have seen the first Anti- hemlet campaginer speaking out so loud and clear. Guess , there is some story behind that .. i mean the episode of u buying a helmet must be one of the worstest saga that ever happend in the history of mankind!!! i can see the pain, and the angst, that forced you to write so much about it. My sympathies are with you..!!!!
sarita said…
boss i truly undrstand ur feelins n fully sympathies with U ....dats it..

by the way wat about the girlfrnds ... who r nt there in banglore... hope they always wntd there boyfrnds to wear the helmet..specialy on the D day..


P.S : hw about makin..compulsary..for the above wear it ALL TIME ..even in auto rikshaw ..hmmm gud one boss..
mridul said…
i tag this blog as the amazing one to read and enjoy!!!!!
y dont u update it!
keep up ur good work
...waiting some more stuff like this
@mridul : Thanks a lot for the inspiration man

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